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“I had a very painful recurring issue that my primary care doctor
had casually misdiagnosed.  After another episode I went to LD Urgent care. 
Got in quickly and Dr Amster took his time and thoroughly questioned me
regarding my symptoms. He doubted my previous diagnosis and had blood drawn
on the premises and tried to get immediate authorization for other tests to be done. 
After he and the staff were told that the requests had to come from my primary
Dr. they made a call to him in an attempt to expedite things for me. 
Although they were unable to get the authorizations needed they kept pushing
and said they would follow up with blood work results. The next day they called
to say that I needed to head to the ER.  I did and now I’m being treated for
the actual problem.  Many thanks to Dr. Amster and his staff taking an active
interest in getting the correct diagnosis.”

Michael W