Feel better faster!

Need care for a common condition and don’t have time for an appointment?

SmartExam connects you with our urgent care provider online from the comfort of your own home or office, or even when you’re on the go. SmartExam is fast, secure and convenient.


SmartExam is a simple and convenient way to get care for everyday health issues, such as coughs, colds, flu, and ear pain.

What is Treated?

SmartExams are currently Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm

Exam costs $50

Go to https://LDurgentcare.smartexam.com

Why SmartExam?

Feel better faster. SmartExam delivers the care you need, exactly when you need it. You can complete a SmartExam at any time, from the comfort of your home, in about 10 minutes. Once you're done you will hear from a provider in under an hour.
Quick prescription fills. Choose a pharmacy that is convenient for you. If your provider thinks you need a prescription to help you feel better, they will send it to the pharmacy you chose. Your medicine should be ready when you arrive.
Affordable care. SmartExam is a cost-effective way to get care for common problems. The cost to you is only $50.00. You will only be charged for SmartExam if you receive care.
High-quality, trusted care. SmartExam delivers the same care you've come to know and expect from your trusted care team at Laguna-Dana Urgent Care. Your SmartExam will be reviewed by one of our licensed providers. They will send you a personalized treatment plan that is unique to your symptoms and condition.
Your data is safe. Safety, security, and privacy are of the highest importance to us. Your personal details and information you share about your condition is only available to your trusted care team at Laguna-Dana Urgent Care. Credit card details are handled by an established third-party vendor that meets the highest industry standards.
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Go to https://LDurgentcare.smartexam.com